Valentine’s Day Cards


Valentine’s Day is coming up and one of the best parts of it is making a valentine for those that you love. I think that especially with COVID-19 it can be extra special to send someone a valentine. With all the stress going on and the changes that everyone has had to go through, sending someone a valentine is a sure way to brighten up their day.

I love card making stations because it is not only fun for the children but it helps with different learning areas. The children are working on fine motor skills when they are peeling stickers or using stamps. They are working on writing skills or letter recognition as they practice writing words. They are working on letter sounds as they sound out how to write words in their cards. And lastly, they are working on creative thinking and problem solving as they work to create each card. And my 7 year old is learning how to address cards by writing her address in the correct spot. 

My children love making cards just as much as they love receiving a card back. I know that I love receiving a card in the mail instead of bills all the time. Making a card station does not have to be complicated. You can use a paper folded in half for the cards and plain envelopes. The children can decorate the cards with whatever you have on hand. You can simply cut out heart shapes for them to glue with crayons and markers to decorate as they want.


Here’s how to do it:


  • Blank Cards
  • Things to decorate the cards (stickers, stamps, crayons, markers, etc.)
  • Strips of paper to write out some sentences for your child to copy


Step 1: On the strips of paper write out 3-5 sentences for your child to copy . Things such as “Happy Valentine’s Day!” or “I love you!”.


Step 2: Place the cards and items to decorate the cards in a shallow container for your child.


Step 3: Let your child decorate the cards however they want!

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