Sticker Patterns


I’m not sure what it is about stickers, but kids just seem to love them! So of course I decided to use some stickers for learning activities. This is an easy activity to set up with minimal supplies. And best of all, the kids enjoyed sticking the stickers onto the pattern. 

I bought a big pack of colored circle dot stickers so that I could use them for many activities. For this activity, I decided to make patterns with them and then have the children complete the patterns. My three year old has never done this before so I had to talk her through it but by the third time she was able to get the hang of it. 

For my three year old I made the patterns only with color. I wanted to make the patterns more difficult for my four year old so I used shapes, dots, and arrows. Feel free to use what will best suit your child.

Here’s how to do it:


  • Paper
  • Dot stickers
  • Marker

Step 1: Decide what kind of pattern you will be doing (colors, shapes, numbers, letters, dots, etc). Then place the stickers onto the paper. Draw the pattern onto the stickers if need be.

Step 2: Keep some of the stickers on the sticker sheet. This will be the answer sheet. Write the answers on these stickers for your child to choose from to complete the pattern.

Step 3: Have your child complete each of the patterns. I found it easiest to have them say the pattern out loud so they could hear the pattern.

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