Spider Web Find and Grab

This past summer we had a huge orb weaver hang around our shed for quite a while. My kids got to watch it spin a web, catch a moth and wrap it in its silk. Everyday my kids would go outside to check on their spider. It was so amazing to watch! Spiders are such fascinating creatures and with Halloween just days away, I love to take advantage of using insects and bugs as part of our lessons.

This activity takes a little bit of prep but it is worth it since it is engaging. We also talked about different types of insects and why spiders make webs.. Don’t worry, no real insects were harmed in this activity! My four year old is working on numbers 1-15. So I decided to use a clock with numbers 1-12 to have her work on number recognition as well as what the numbers on a clock are.


Supplies: Yarn, tape, bin, printed out clock with no numbers, numbers 1-12 on small square pieces of paper, plastic insects (I got mine from the dollar store), tongs or tweezers (I got mine from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Learning-Resources-Grabber-Tweezers-Various/dp/B006RQ8TE0/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=gator+tongs&qid=1603942837&sr=8-1), legos or small blocks

I made a separate bin for my three year old to practice her fine motor skills. Her task was to grab the insects out of the bin. 

Step 1: Tape the numbers to 12 different legos or blocks.

Step 2: Wrap the yarn around a bin and tape the bottom of the bin so the yarn doesn’t move around.

Step 3: Place the insects and numbers into the bin covered in yarn.

Step 4: Give your child tongs or tweezers and have them grab the numbers out of the bin. Have them place the numbers in the correct spot on the empty clock printable.

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