Rock Painting

Rock painting is such a fun activity for kids of all ages and a great way to make use of all those rocks that your children collect.

I’m not sure what it is about rocks but children just seem to love them. Especially my children! Everytime we go on walks my children are stopping to pick up a rock. I love when we go on bike rides and they stop to look at a rock. Then they pick it up and ask me to hold it or just put it in my pocket. There have been quite a few times that I have told my children that I cannot hold anymore rocks in my pocket or else they will ripe. O and my favorite is when I wash their jackets and then I hear tons of clanging in the washer or dryer. I constantly kick myself for not checking their pockets beforehand.

Last summer we got our children fanny packs to bring with them on our hikes. It was my solution for them to hold their own rocks or other treasure that they found during the hike. I was getting tired of holding everything. The children love it! I totally recommend getting one for your children because it holds them accountable for their own treasures and makes things easier for yourself.

I love rock painting because it is easy to set up, lets children create their own works of art and is a nice surprise for whoever my children give it to. All we need is rocks, paint, paint brushes, and water. I always have my children collect their own rocks that they want to paint. It makes it a little more special for them to find their own rocks. Then we washed the rocks and set them out to dry which only took a few minutes since it was so hot outside. Then I let the children paint! We did add glitter after they finished painting to add a special touch to it. When the rocks were dry we went on a walk to a couple of our neighbor’s houses and left the rocks on their doorstep. A couple of our neighbors told my children that they loved the rocks and it was such a nice surprise! I think, especially during this time of quarantine, doing something as little as painting rocks is a great way to show neighbors that you are thinking of them.

Focus Skills: Fine Motor Skills, Process Art

Supplies: Rocks, Paint, Paint Brush, Glitter (optional) 

Step One: Have your child paint the rock however they want.

Step Two: Let the rock dry.

Step Three: Go for a walk and place rock somewhere where someone can find it. Or drop it at a friend’s door step.

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