Pumpkin Hammer

This is a super fun hands on learning activity that can be used for all ages! My children all love to use a hammer so I came up with this activity as a way for them to practice some skills while doing something they love. My kids were so focused as they hammered away. And when they were done they said that they had so much fun. That’s always a big win!

Halloween is just around the corner and with COVID-19 lingering, everyone has to get creative. My seven year old came up with a list of ideas to do for Halloween. She and her sisters talked over all the choices and they decided they want to make candy and watch movies all day. I’m so glad they were able to come up with their own ideas and make a decision together.

We have 8 pumpkins sitting around that we still haven’t carved yet. Before we carve the pumpkins I decided to get some use out of them by using a few activities. Here is one of them. It takes minimal prep as long as you have the supplies on hand.


Supplies: Pumpkin, wet erase marker or sharpie if you don’t plan to reuse the pumpkin, golf tees or play nails, crab mallet or hammer (plastic or real)

In this version, my four year old is matching uppercase letters with lowercase letters. However, you can adjust this to your child’s level. My three year old was working on hand eye coordination as well as hand strength so she was hammering golf tees into dots that I drew on the pumpkin. I have provided pictures for both. 

Step 1:On index cards or cut up paper, write 15 uppercase letters.

Step 2: On the pumpkin, write the coordinating lowercase letters all around the pumpkin. I also did dots for my three year old.

Step 3: Give your child the index cards with the uppercase letters on them. One at a time, have your child look at a card and find its matching lowercase letter on the pumpkin. (I have an alphabet chart hanging for my four year old to look at if she needs help.)

Step 4: Have your child hammer the golf tee onto the correct lowercase letter that matches the uppercase letter.

Some other options include drawing shapes on index cards and having them match the same shape on the pumpkin, drawing dots on index cards and matching the number of dots to the correct number on the pumpkin, or matching letters to practice letter recognition. There are so many options!

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