Play Dough Shapes and Numbers


Play dough is a fun sensory experience for children and using it for hands on learning activities makes learning even more fun! My kids always love to play with play dough so I know that using it for activities will always be a hit for them.

This is a simple activity that doesn’t use many supplies. If you don’t have play dough on hand you can go to the dollar store and they will have it there. We like to make our own play dough. It will last a long time as long as you keep it in an airtight container when not in use. 

For my 3 year old, I had her make shapes with the play dough. She can’t quite make shapes on her own so I had her place the play dough on the outline of the shapes. For my 5 year old, I had her practice counting dots and then making numbers with the play dough. I rolled out the play dough ahead of time for my kids.This is optional but I just found that it sped things up a bit and made it easier for the kids to make the shapes or numbers.


Play dough Shapes:


  • Play dough (or you can make your salt dough)
  • 3 pieces of paper 
  • Marker


Step 1: Cut the paper in half. 

Step 2: Draw a large shape on each piece of paper.

Step 3: Roll the play dough into “thin snakes”. This makes it easier for your child to make the shapes. 

Step 4: Hand your child the shape cards and rolled out play dough. 

Step 5: Have your child make the shapes by placing the play dough onto the outline of the shape cards.

Number Play Dough



  • Index cards 
  • Marker
  • Play dough 
  • Number sheet with whatever numbers your child is working on. I did numbers 1-20 since we are working on numbers 10-15


Step 1: Draw dots on the index cards for whatever amounts your child is learning to count. I did numbers 10-15. 

Step 2: Roll out the play dough into “thin snakes”. This makes it easier for your child to make the numbers. 

Step 3: Hand your child the index cards with dots. (And the number sheet)

Step 4: Have your child count the number of dots on one of the index cards. Then have them make the numerical number with the playdough. Repeat until they have completed all the index cards.

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