Pillowcase Letter Jump

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If you are looking for a fun movement activity with minimal supplies then this is it! This is easy to set up and fun for kids because it involves jumping in a pillow case. Jumping in pillow cases is so simple yet so fun for children. 

I made this activity for both my 3 and 5 year olds. My three year old has a much smaller attention span than my five year old. I basically made a simpler version for my three year old with 6 letters. For my 5 year old I did 8 index cards. They both had a great time jumping around in the pillow case. 

I love this activity because it not only made learning letters fun but it also works with gross motor skills. The kids had to make sure to hold on tightly to the pillow case while jumping. If they didn’t, then the pillow case would fall down. So if you are looking for a fun movement activity here’s how to do it:



  • Pillow case
  • Index cards
  • Tape
  • Toy figure (I used a toy frog)


Step 1: Write letters on the index cards.

Step 2: Tape the index cards on the ground about a foot in between each card.

Step 3: Have your child get into the pillow case. Then have them throw the toy figure on one of the index cards.

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