Paper Plate Sticker Match


Paper plates are another item I like to keep on hand for easy activities for the kids. If you don’t have any, I recommend getting some so that you can set up quick activities. This activity is so easy to set up as long as you have the items. And if you don’t have them, a quick trip to the store will get you what you need. 

My five year old is currently learning numbers 10-15. I used this activity to practice counting items from 5-12 and recognizing those numbers. The reason I didn’t use all the numbers from 10-15 is because I didn’t want to make it too difficult for her that she would get frustrated. My 3 year old is learning the numbers 1-3. So I used those numbers for her paper plate and just repeated those three numbers in her “number pizza”.

This was an engaging activity that didn’t take a lot of time to prepare which is always a benefit for me! It kept my children engaged for the amount of time it took to complete. So if you are looking for an easy activity to set up here’s how to do it:



  • Paper Plates
  • Dot stickers
  • Marker


Step 1: Using a marker, draw lines on the paper plate into 8 “pizza triangles”.

Step 2: In each “pizza triangle” draw dots.

Step 3: Write corresponding numbers on the stickers.

Step 4: Hand the paper plate and stickers to your child. Have them count the dots and find the correct numbered sticker to match the dots.

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