Obstacle Course

Challenge your child’s gross motor skills by creating a fun obstacle course for them to do right in your backyard.

It feels like we have been in quarantine for quite some time. Luckily, my children are used to staying at home and being homeschooled. And my husband is still going to work everyday since he works in a small office that is considered essential. So our routine has not been disrupted too much. For those who aren’t used to teaching their children from home then I hope you find A Love to Learn a useful resource for you.

With that being said, my children still miss going to the park and playing with their friends. We are still going on hikes, playing in the grassy area of parks, and splashing in the river but it still isn’t the same as a park. Our backyard is a lovely outdoor oasis for our children with plenty of mud to create endless mud pies and cookies. My youngest, 9 months, even crawls around the dirt and mud eating fistfuls of those yummy mud pies.

Everytime my children ask if they can go play at the park I feel bad when I have to say that they are still not allowing children to play on the equipment. So I decided to create an obstacle course in the backyard to liven things up for them. Another thing I did was rearrange the backyard to make it feel different and a bit more exciting for my children.

Making a backyard obstacle course can be easily done with items that you already have at home. Think about the skills that your child can perform such as jumping, hopping, crawling, climbing, lifting, throwing, etc. Then add items for them to crawl through, climb over, lift up, climb on top, etc. Make sure to pick age appropriate skills or else your child will get frustrated. Here’s how our obstacle course worked:

Focus Skills: Gross Motor Skills, sensory exploration

Supplies: Slide, large rock, cones*, hula hoop, wooden beam*, sack race bags*
*You can substitute many things for these items. SUch as rocks for cones, a rope on the ground for the wooden beam, pillow cases for the sack race bags.

1 : Place both legs in the sack. While holding the sack, jump!

2 : Walk on the balance beam.

3 : Carry the rock over your head.
4 : Crawl through the hula hoop

5 : Slide down the slide
6 : Jump over the cones.

When the children were finished with my course they decided to take turns making their own obstacle courses for everyone, including me, to do. It was great to see everyone create their own challenges.

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