Number Smack


Here is an easy to prepare yet engaging activity for your child. I love movement activities because it gets my children moving and they seem to focus better when they move their bodies. This activity was great because I was able to use it for three of my children without changing it. It is so simple, yet my children all had fun! I think the hardest part for them was waiting their turn!

I used Post It’s but if you don’t have Post It’s you can easily use paper and tape. In fact, when I put the Post It’s on the wall I ended up having to secure it with tape  because the numbers fell down when my children would smack it with the fly swatter. Also, if you don’t have a fly swatter, you can just use a stick or their hand. 

For my 7 year old, I practiced tens facts with her since she needs a little reinforcement. For my four year old, I called out a number and had her find it. Lastly, with my three year old, I showed her a number on an index card and said the number and then had her find it. You can easily change this activity to work on alphabet letters, shapes, or colors. I love activities that I can use with all three of my older children.

Here are the steps to do this engaging activity with your child:

Supplies: Post It’s or paper cut into squares, marker, fly swatter or stick, tape



Step 1: Write 10-15 numbers, alphabet letters, shapes ,or colors on the Post It’s.


Step 2: Tape the Post It’s on the wall about 4-5 inches apart.


Step 3: Hand the fly swatter or stick to your child. Call out a number, color, shape, or    alphabet letter. When they find it, they must smack it with the fly swatter or stick.


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