Number Jump


Now that the holidays are over, we are getting back into the swing of things. Not only was it Christmas and New Year’s, it was also daddy’s birthday this week.  So we have had a busy couple of weeks. O and let’s not forget that we have had way too many cookies and cake. Now that the holidays are over we are starting to get back into the swing of things. 

Let’s face it, children are so active! Which is why I love when I can use movement in an activity. My kids are burning energy while learning. My 5 and 3 year olds both had fun jumping while practicing counting and number recognition. 

For my five year old, I used numbers 1-12 for her since those are numbers we have been working on. For my 3 year old, I only did numbers 1-3. She can count higher than that but has a hard time recognizing the numerical numbers. That is pretty typical for her age. I didn’t want to overwhelm her so I kept it simple. 

This activity can easily be adapted to your child’s learning level. You can also do uppercase and lowercase matching, numerical numbers to written numbers, shape matching, or color matching. Whatever you decide to do, your child will have fun jumping around!



  • Post it’s
  •  Marker
  •  Index cards


Step 1: Write numbers on the Post It’s. For my 3 year old, I did numbers 1-3. For my five year old, I did numbers 1-12.


Step 2: Draw corresponding dots on the index cards.


Step 3: Put the Post It’s on the ground vertically about 6 inches apart.


Step 4: Hand your child the index cards with dots on it. Have them count the dots and then find the number on the ground. Have them jump to the correct number.

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