New Year’s Countdown Chain

I can’t believe we are just days away from 2021! This has been a year to remember. Every family has their own New Year’s Tradition. This countdown chain is something we did last year and the children had a lot of fun. So I decided to do it again this year. 

The countdown chain is a chain with fun activities on each link. Every hour or half hour the children get to tear off a link and read the activity. You can decide when to start the countdown chain and what time to end it. I decided to start the countdown at 6:00 pm and have the children tear off a link every half hour. My children don’t really have a concept of the fact that new year starts at exactly 12:00 am. Therefore, I will end the countdown at 9:00 pm which is past their bedtime but not too late. I know they will be excited to stay up late. 

You can pick your own activities to do with your children. The ones I picked were:

  1. Make a New Year’s resolution for 2021
  2. Name 3 things you are thankful for in the past year.
  3. Decorate a party hat!
  4. Play karaoke to your favorite song!
  5. Complete the 2020 interview and record it.
  6. Put some wishes in the 2021 wish jar. 
  7. Scavenger hunt
I love this countdown chain because it makes it fun for the children. It also gives some structure to the evening so the kids aren’t too wild and crazy. 
Here is a breakdown of each activity:

1.) Make a New Year’s resolution.

I made a printable of four questions for my children to complete. Here is what is looks like:


2.) Name 3 things that you are thankful for in the past year. 

I think it is important for our children to have gratitude. So even though 2020 may have been a difficult year, I’m sure we can all think of some things we are thankful for.

3.) Decorate a party hat.

I found a printable online of a party hat. I printed it onto cardstock and will cut it out. Then the children can decorate them with stickers, sequins, pom poms, markers, glitter, etc.


4.) Play karaoke to your favorite song. 

My kids love karaoke! For this one, we downloaded an app on our phones for karaoke.

5.) Complete the 2020 interview and record it. 

This is a fun one. I printed out some interview questions to ask my kids. Then I will record me asking them the questions and their responses. I love recording it because next year when we look back we can see how much they have grown!


6.) Put some wishes in the 2021 Wish Jar. 

The new year is always full of wishing and anticipation. I turned a mason jar into our 2021 Wish Jar. The children will get to decorate it. And then everyone can write down their wishes and put them in the jar. I will write down the wishes for the younger children who cannot write just yet.


7.) Scavenger hunt

I made a simple scavenger hunt for the children to complete. You can make you own with items that you have around the house.


Here is how to make the chain:


-Paper ( I used construction paper)
– Marker if you are writing the activities on each of the links or printed out list of activities.

Step 1: Cut the paper into strips. Make sure there’s enough for each of the activities.

Step 2: Cut out the printed out list of activities.


Step 3: Glue the printed activities on each of the strips of paper or simply write the activities on each of the strips.


Step 4: Put the activities in order. 

Step 5: Glue the links together.

Step 6 (Optional): Number the links with 1 being the last link for your child to tear.


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