Nature Bracelet

The weather has been pretty up and down here lately. In fact, it was unseasonably cool last week. I still try to get my children outside everyday, rain or shine. They do love to go outside when it rains because then they get to wear their rain boots and raincoat. After some rainy days, I decided to take the kids to a nearby river. It’s one of our favorite spots. While we were there I brought along some supplies to make a nature bracelet.

This is an activity that we have done every year for the past three years. It is simple, fun, and turns out so pretty. The first time I did this project I used masking tape and simply put it around my children’s wrist with the sticky side out. Well the next year I just happened to come across adhesive backed felt. If you don’t know what that is, it is a felt sheet with a peel and stick back. I decided to try it for our bracelets and they turned out great. All I did was cut it into strips and then wrapped it around their wrists with the sticky side out. It feels softer against their skin and doesn’t wrinkle as easily. But duct tape or masking tape work just fine too!

Even after three years my children still look forward to doing this project. Last summer my oldest had a friend over and he put a dead insect on his bracelet. My daughter still talks about it! When we got to the river I put the felt around their wrists and they immediately ran to the river and started looking for leaves and flowers. There weren’t many flowers around but we managed to find one for each of them to put on their bracelets. I love this activity because it doesn’t matter what my children put on their bracelets, they all look unique and beautiful! Here is how to make one of your own:

Focus Skills: Nature exploration, fine motor skills

Supplies: Masking Tape, duct tape, or adhesive backed felt

Step One: Wrap a piece of masking tape around your child’s wrist with the sticky side facing out.

Step Two: Go for a walk and collect anything your child wants to put on their bracelet.

Step Three: Admire your child’s beautiful bracelet!

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