Muffin Tin Letter Match


This is a fun letter matching activity using things from around the house including a muffin tin and toys. I like using muffin tins for letter activities since you can practice 12 different alphabet letters in one activity. 

I did two versions of this activity for my 3 and 5 year olds. For my 3 year old, I simply had her match letters. At this age, becoming familiar with the different letters is important. Children need to see that letters come in all different shapes and sizes. Once they are familiar with the letters, they will become more comfortable with them and thus be able to learn the names and sounds of them. I didn’t focus on having her name the letters. Just simply matching them was enough practice for her. I only filled 8 of the muffin tins because she is new to alphabet letters and I didn’t want to overwhelm her.

For my 5 year old, I made a more advanced version for her. This involved her finding the beginning letter of 12 different items that I found around the house. After naming the beginning letter of an item she had to find the letter in the muffin tin and place it in the correct cup. My 5 year old is familiar with her letter sounds so this was a great reinforcement activity for her. 

My 3 year old had fun with this activity and was able to complete all 8 of the muffin cups. When she was finished she asked me why there weren’t any in some of the cups. So next time I do this I will make sure to put a letter in all 12 cups instead of just 8. My 5 year old loved having a bowl of toys/items. I think this made the activity more engaging for her. She needed help with a couple of the items but this is why we were doing this activity, to get practice.


Here’s how to do it:


  • Muffin tin
  • Masking tape or cupcake liners
  • Marker
  • Toys/things around the house or index cards

Instructions for version 1(letter match):

  1. Place a strip of masking tape in each muffin tin cup. I only did 8 cups since my three year old is still new to letters.
  2. Write an alphabet letter on each piece of tape.
  3. Write the same letters on index cards.

4. Hand your child the index cards and have them match the letters to the letters in the muffin tins.

Instructions for version 2 (beginning letter match):

  1. Find 12 toys or items around the house that will fit into the muffin tins.

2. Place a piece of masking tape into each muffin tin cup.

3. For each toy or item, write the beginning letter on each piece of tape that was placed in the muffin tin cups.


4. Hand your child the items. Then have them say the name of the item and the letter that item begins with. Once they figure out the letter that the item begins with, have them find the letter in the muffin tin cups and put the item into the cup.

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