Movement Box

There’s just something about a cardboard box that children just enjoy! I love the versatility of them and how children can really use their imagination with them. The bigger the better of course because if they can sit in the box or even hide in it then it makes it so much more exciting. The most recent thing the kids made from a cardboard box was a tug boat. O how they love to pull their little brother around in it. They made it extra comfortable for him by putting blankets and pillows.

I had a package arrive and decided to use the box for an activity. Of course I had to hide the box because my husband is quick to tear them down and put them in the recycling bin. I felt like this box was the perfect size for what I needed. Once the kids were in bed I got to work. It really is a simple activity packed with lots of fun. Once again, this activity uses things found around the house which I find very useful as I don’t think learning needs to cost a lot of money. It’s also an activity that works on counting and number recognition.

So grab a cardboard box and get moving! Here’s how to do it:

Supplies: Cardboard box such as an old tissue box, or packaging box, tape, paper, markers

Step 1: Tape down all the flaps of the box 

Step 2: On a 6 pieces of paper write 6 different movements with the number of times to do that movement such as Jump 3 times, Roll 5 times, Clap your hands 10 times, etc

Step 3: Tape one paper to each side of the box.

Step 4: Throw the box and see where it lands. Read the instruction on the side facing up and do the movement.

Step 5: Make sure to count out loud. And if your child is working on number recognition you can have them say the number it lands on.

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