Leaf Painting

My seven year old and I went on a walk together and while we were on our walk we found these cool looking leaves. I decided to grab a few of them and do an activity with them. The next day, I had the kids paint the leaves to bring some color to them. I love how they turned out!

Before we began, we looked at the leaves and explored the different parts of it. We looked at the veins, the color, and color of it. We also read a book that talked about why leaves change color and fall to the ground.

You can use any type of leaves for this activity. I used tempera paint and washable finger paint. The tempera paint was more vibrant than the washable finger paint. This is such a fun yet simple process art activity that allows each child to use their own creativity because there’s no wrong way to do it.

Supplies: paint, paint brushes, paint tray, leaves, heavy book

Step 1: Place the leaves in a book overnight so that they can flatten.

Step 2: Have your child pick a leaf to paint.

Step 3: Let them paint it any way that they want.

Step 4: Let the leaves dry before hanging them somewhere.

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