Gratitude Chain

With Thanksgiving in the month of November, I like to use this time to really think about all the things we are grateful for. I read somewhere that gratitude is linked to happiness in children. As parents, I think we all want our children to grow to be happy so trying to instill gratitude is one way to do that. Children also learn by example, so when they see those they look up to show gratitude then they are more likely to follow in their footsteps.

I started this Gratitude Chain two year ago. At first, I did an activity for every day in November. But I found it difficult to do the activities on the weekends. So now, I do an activity for every week day. This way we don’t feel like we are falling behind. My children love when we do a countdown chain!

I always start out by having a discussion about what it means to be grateful. And have them come up with ways that we show we are thankful every day. Then the children take turns ripping the chain links each day. I made a list of things that we are thankful for and activities to correspond with them. When you are making these, you can simply put a word on each chain link and then have the children come up with activities on their own if you prefer. Sometimes my children like to add extra things to do to show they are grateful for the theme of the day.

Supplies: Construction paper, sharpie or printer, glue, scissors

Here is a sample list of gratitudes but I encourage you to come up with ideas that best fit your family:


Step 1: Cut the construction paper into strips.

Step 2: If you printed out the daily activities, cut them into strips and make sure you keep them in number order. Then glue them onto the construction paper. If not, simply write it on the construction paper with the sharpie.

Step 3: Place glue on the outside end of the first strip of construction paper and glue it onto the other end.

Step 4: Place the next strip of construction paper through the first one and glue the ends together. Repeat until all the strips are done.

Step 5: Hang the Gratitude Chain somewhere for the kids to do each day.

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