Fractions and Cutting Fruit


My kids love to help me cook in the kitchen. I like to have them help me measure the food with measuring cups or help me cut food. Cooking is such a great way to incorporate learning because you can teach them math, work on fine motor skills, and it’s also great for sensory development. 

I decided to use an orange to practice fractions. This is a simple activity and it didn’t take long to do but my 5 year old had fun with it. If your child is not familiar with using a knife I recommend showing them how to hold one properly before doing this activity.


Here’s how to do it:


  • Orange
  • Knife
  • Cutting board
  • Index cards


 Step 1: On the index cards write 1, ½. ¼ and a picture to go with each of them.

Step 2: Cut the orange in half.

Step 3: Give your child half of the orange and ask them which index card this matches.

Step 4:  Then point to the ½ index card and tell them what it means or ask them if they know what it is. Then ask them to cut the orange is looks like the picture on the index card. Do the same with the ¼ index card.

Step 5:  Give your child the other half and repeat the activity for more practice.

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