Flower Sensory Bin

Create a flower sensory bin as a way to explore the different parts of a flower. Children will enjoy cutting the leaves and stems as well as creating a gorgeous flower garland all while increasing their fine motor skills.

As I was throwing out my wilted Mother’s Day Flowers that I received from my husband and in-laws, I decided to keep them for a sensory bin. My children have really been into flowers lately especially since they are all starting to bloom. We learned about the parts of a flower when spring first started. So everytime we come across a flower all three children will try to point out all the different parts. As part of our hands on learning I let them dissect a flower and we even looked at the parts under a microscope.

Well I decided to put the flower petals, leaves, and stems into the sensory bin. I put scissors, a needle and yarn in there too. My two year old has been trying to cut anything and everything. She cut a big chunk of her hair out the other day. I knew that I needed to give her some other things besides paper to cut or else I’d find her chopping all of her hair off.

My two and four year old had so much fun cutting the leaves and stems of the flowers. Cutting the stems is great for strengthening the hand muscles. And I knew that cutting the leaves and petals would help fulfill that urge of cutting. The needle and yarn was used to make a flower garland which my two year old and 6 year old loved. We hung up the flower garland over my seven year olds room door and it looks beautiful!

Focus Skills: Fine motor skills, hand strength

Supplies: Flowers, yarn needle, yarn, scissors

Step 1: Get some flowers. Old dying flowers are fine as long as they are not completely dried out.

Step 2: Take the petals and leaves off and place them in the bin along with the stems.

Step 3: Get a large yarn needle and yarn. Cut a piece of yarn about 2-3 feet long and put it through the needle. Tie the end of the yarn. If you don’t have a yarn needle, you can pre cut holes in some leaves and petals. And then tape the end of the yarn to make shift a needle point.

Step 4: Place the needle/yarn and scissors in the bin.

Step 5: Allow your child to experiment with the flowers and tools. If you need to, show your child how to pierce the petals or leaves with the needle to make a garland.

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