Doll Washing Station

My children LOVE to play with dolls. They play with them inside and outside. When the dolls get brought outside, they get dirty. So I came up with this sensory bin as a way to wash their dolls.


New Mexico is under a two week quarantine so I am coming up with activities with things that I already have around the house. While I always try to do activities that don’t involve spending lots of money, it is more important now that I think about what resources I have at home since I am trying to limit my time in stores. 


This activity is a great tool in having children show us life skills that are important for hygiene and taking care of ourselves. If you don’t have dolls you could easily do this with stuffed animals or barbies. When children show us how to wash a baby doll, dry them off, and change them, they are showing us that they themselves know how to take care of their own bodies. 


I love that this activity uses things that we all have around the house so it is easy to set up. Any activity that involves water is a huge hit in this house as well! 


Here is how to do it:

Supplies: Baby doll or stuffed animal, soap, water, towels, toothbrush, a large towel (or more if you have more than one doll)

Step 1: Fill some bowls with soap and water. Place them in a bin.

Step 2: Place the doll, towels, toothbrush and any other other cleaning tools in the bin. Place the large towel on the floor next to the bin to use when your child is done washing their doll.


Step 3: Time for your child to wash their doll!


Step 4: When your child is done washing their doll have them wrap the doll in the large towel and dry them off. Then place the doll somewhere to dry (outside or in the bathtub works great).

2 thoughts on “Doll Washing Station”

  1. I LOVE your many creative activities! Clearly, the children enjoy them as they learn important life skills. ❤️

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