Cup Hide and Seek


This is a simple activity that uses things from around the house. My five year old really enjoyed this activity and we played it a few times. My three year old also enjoyed it too! I made two separate versions for my 3 and give year olds. 

For my 5 year old, I put letters that she gets mixed up on the cups. I put b, d, p, q which are common letters that children get mixed up. I also put y and i because she has trouble with those letter sounds. 

And for my three year old I put letters that we have been working on. Remember that it is important for children to learn the letter sounds and not necessarily the letter names. The letter sounds are important because these are the sounds they use to read words. 


Here is how to do this simple activity: 


  • Cups
  • Toy that will fit under the cups
  • Masking tape


Step 1- Turn the cups upside down and place a small strip of tape on each cup.

Step 2- Write a letter on each cup.

Step 3- Hide the toy under one of the cups without your child seeing.

Step 4: Have your child pick a cup and read the letter out loud on it. If they say the correct letter they can lift the cup and see if the toy is under it. Continue until they pick the cup with the toy under it.

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