Cup Bowling

My kids have only gone bowling once and that was two years ago! We had a bowling alley open up about a year ago in our city but due to COVID-19 we haven’t been able to go. Plus it is a little pricey to take all the kids. The last time we actually went bowling our three year old was not even one yet so she didn’t even play. But my two older children enjoyed it! I remember going to the local bowling alley almost weekly in highschool! It was the hangout spot. Although I wasn’t very good at it I still enjoyed it. I definitely don’t miss all the smoke though.

While a homemade bowling alley isn’t quite the same as a professional one, my kids still had fun, especially my three year old. It was really cute to watch her try to aim the ball at the cups. She ended up having to get pretty close to the cups to be able to knock them down. This game is fun because it adds an educational element to a game they already know. It also works on hand eye coordination as they try to knock down the cups with the ball. You can also adjust the skill level to your child’s learning level whether its colors, shapes, numbers, or letters. I used letters for my three and four year old.

Here’s how to do it:

Supplies: 5 plastic cups, sharpie, at least one ball

Step 1: Turn the cups upside down. On each cup write a color, number, shape or letter. If you use reusable cup then just write them onto a piece of paper and then tape them to the cup.

Step 2: Line up the cups so the number, color, shape, or letter is facing them. And make sure that there’s about a foot between each one.

Step 3: Have your child stand in front of the cups. Make sure they are able to roll the ball and knock down the cups. You don’t want them too close or too far.

Step 4: Call out a shape, color, number, or letter. Have your child roll the ball and knock down the correct cup!

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