Christmas Card Station


Christmas is just three weeks away and my children are so excited! We got our Christmas tree this past weekend and now the house smells wonderful! I love it. Every year we always send out photo cards and my children want to send their own cards to their friends and family. I think especially with the pandemic, writing cards to our close friends has been a great way to keep in touch and brighten someone’s day. 

I set up this Christmas card writing station for my kids to make their own cards to anyone they wanted. It’s also a great way to practice some writing skills. My children had fun decorating their cards with stickers and stamps as well. For my 3 year old, I had her decorate her cards and then I asked her who she wanted to send the card to and what she wanted it to say. As she told me, I wrote it on the card for her. This is great because young children see that words can be written down. 

For my 4 year old, I had her write her own letters. I wrote down some sentences and put them on the bulletin board for her to copy. Since she is learning about letter sounds, I had her sound out the letters to the names of the people she wanted to send the card to and write it herself. I love seeing how young children sound out words!

And for my for 7 year old, she can already write letters. But now she is learning how to properly write addresses on the envelope. So I put an example for her to copy on the bulletin board. 

To decorate the cards, I put out stickers, stamps, squares of paper to draw or cut out designs, crayons, and glue. Feel free to put whatever you know will interest your child.


Here’s how to do it:







-Any other embellishments such as squares of paper, ribbons, glitter, etc

-Strips of paper to make sentence strips 




Step 1: On the strips of paper write out some sentences for your child to copy into their cards.  I put mine into the format of a letter but feel free to just put sentences if your children are younger. Place them somewhere for your child to see such as a wall or bulletin board.


Step 2: Place the cards and decorating supplies in a basket.


Step 3: Have your child make their cards. If your children are not writing yet, I suggest asking them what they want to say in their cards and writing it for them.

Step 4: Mail the cards out! Leave the cards and decorations out for a week or so. That way your child can make a card whenever they feel like it.


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