Chalkboard Number Erase


This activity is so easy to set up as long as you have all the materials. I know not everyone has a chalkboard but if you go to the dollar store they usually sell them. They also sell chalk too. My kids love writing with chalk and erasing it so I knew this would be a hit. 

I made this activity for my 5 year old to practice number recognition. I drew some dots on index cards, had her count them, and then find the number on the chalkboard. Once she found the number on the chalkboard she had to erase it. She really enjoyed this activity because instead of having to cross out the numbers or circle them, she got to erase the numbers. 

You can easily change this activity to fit your child’s learning level. If they are just beginning to learn how to count and recognize numerical numbers then you may just want to do a small amount of numbers. Or if your child is more advanced you can do higher numbers.


Here’s how to do it:


  • Chalkboard
  • Chalk
  • Index Cards
  • Cloth to erase chalk



Step 1: Draw dots on the index cards for your child to count. I did 8 index cards with numbers 8-15. You can do however many you want or will fit on the chalkboard.

Step 2: Write the numerical numbers corresponding to the dotted index cards onto the chalkboard.

Step 3: Hand your child the index cards and cloth. Have them count the dots on the index card and then find the correct numerical number on the chalkboard. Once they find the number they can erase it. Continue with all of the index cards.

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