Catching Snowflakes


Have you ever taken a close look at snowflakes? We all know that no two snowflakes are alike. But how many of us have really taken a closer look at snowflakes to see it with their own eyes? I know that I hardly ever slow down to just look at snowflakes as they are falling. This is why this activity is so fun. It helps us all learn to slow down and admire what nature has to offer. 

This is such a simple activity. You want to have black paper so that when you catch the snowflakes you can see them better on the paper. And you also want to place the paper in the freezer for 2 or more hours. This makes it so that the snowflakes stick to the paper and don’t melt right away. 

My kids really enjoyed catching the snowflakes and looking at the shapes of the snowflakes. We counted how many sides the snowflakes had. It was really neat to see how all the snowflakes had different shapes. Here’s how to do this simple activity:



  • Black paper
  • Snowy day
  • Freezer


Step 1: Place the black paper in the freezer for at least 2 hours

Step 2: When the paper is ready, go outside as the snow is falling and catch the snowflakes on the black paper.

Step 3: Examine the snowflakes as they fall on the paper.

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