Bean Bag Toss

Whenever it is laundry folding day my kids decide it’s time to play with the laundry baskets. In fact, my kids tied a piece of string to one of the baskets about a year ago and it is still on there. The kids love to pull each other around in the basket. My three year old loves to turn the basket upside down and climb on it too. And she love to sit in the basket with the clothes in it too. She will sit in there and hand me clothes as I am folding.

I have some bean bags that I made when my oldest was 2. They have held up really well. Believe it or not, they are made from socks! My kids love these bean bags and whenever I pull them out they play with them for hours. For this activity, you don’t have to use bean bags if you don’t have them. You can use rolled up pairs of socks instead.

This activity is low prep and can be adjusted to your child’s level. I did shapes for my two year old and numbers for my 4 year old. You can do colors, shapes, numbers, or letters. This activity also works on hand eye coordination as your child tries to get the bean bag into the basket. Here’s how to do it:

Supplies: 3-5 laundry baskets, bins, or boxes, paper, bean bags or rolled socks

Step 1: On each piece of paper draw a shape, color, number, or letter.

Step 2: Tape the paper to the laundry baskets, bins, or boxes.

Step 3: Line up the baskets, bins, or boxes a few feet away from your child.

Step 4: Call out a shape, color, number, or letter. Have your child toss the bean bag or rolled socks into the correct basket.

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