Balloon Tap

Our youngest daughter just had her third birthday. We had a low key birthday celebration for her. We don’t normally have birthday parties for our children. Instead we have them pick somewhere fun to go. Before the quarantine began we went to Colorado Springs for my 7 year old’s birthday to visit one of her best friends. For our three year old we made cake, blew up some balloons, and put on some party hats and she was very happy! The funny thing is that she didn’t even eat any of her cake! She only wanted the ice cream. Next year we will have to make an icecream cake for her.

The day after her birthday I decided to use the balloons for an activity. I thought it was a great way to make use of what we already had on hand. If you don’t have any balloons they aren’t expensive. I don’t recommend getting the dollar store balloons because they are really hard to blow up and hurt my ears. I got our balloons from Target.

This activity does take a little bit of prep work but it is easy to accommodate different skill levels from colors, shapes, letters, numbers, addition, subtraction, or multiplication! I used colors for my two year old and numbers for my 4 year old. Here’s how to do it:

Supplies: Different colored balloons, string, masking tape

Step 1: Blow up 5-10 balloons.

Step 2: You can leave the balloons blank if your child is learning colors, or draw shapes, letters, or numbers that your child is learning on the balloons.

Step 3: Use string and masking tape to tie one end to the balloons and hang the other end with tape to a doorway or low ceiling. Make sure your child is able to reach the balloon with their hand.

Step 4: Call out a color, shape, letter, or number on the balloon and have your child jump up and tap the correct balloon.

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